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Who to be sexy without being trashy?


You don't have to look like a supermodel to look and feel sexy.

Scroll down to read our tips on how to be sexy.



Transparent fabric

Using see-through fabric is a clever way of looking sexy without exposing yourself too much. 

A plunging neckline can be pulled off by many of us but a good chiffon blouse can accentuate our beautiful figure no matter what.  

See-through pieces are a must in your closets. 

And with the right accessories like our bold soutache earrings and a beautiful clutch, you really don't need much to look spectacular.






Showing Skin

This is a tricky one.

You always need a good balance on how much skin to show.

Keep in mind to no go too far with the neckline. Because it's a fine line between a sexy look and too much.

Don't forget to moisturize your skin for a beautiful and radiant look. Ashy skin is never sexy. 



Surprising Back

This is one of my favorite options.

Instead of using a plunging neckline or a short dress, you can choose a sexy backless dress or top. Wear the one that you feel best pronounces your back.

Accessorize the front with a bold pendant or earrings. This outfit will turn heads.

One thing to consider with this look is the bra situation. You must feel comfortable without wearing one or get a good backless bra.




Tight, tight, tight...

A tight dress is always a good option. We all have the body to wear a tight dress, we just have to find the right one.

You can also create a two or three-piece outfit.

For example, wear tight jeans with a loose top. You can also wear a tight dress with a jacket.

Using clothe in layers is always a good trick for those that don't feel comfortable using very tight close by itself or for cold weather. 

 Don't forget to compliment your outfit with the right makeup and accessories, like our long statement earrings.

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