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How to style your jeans for Christmas?

blog christmas jeans outfit what to wear?

A pair of jeans is perfect for any occasion.

Is a piece of clothing that everyone has in their wardrobe and can fit any style.

Personally, my skinny jeans are my favorite piece.

Keep reading if you want to find how to style your denim for this holiday season.


Keep it simple.

If you're the kind of woman with a more relaxed style and love to feel comfortable all the time,this is the right option for you.

Just choose your favorite jeans.

It doesn’t matter if is light or dark blue. But to be more accorded with this season is better to use dark colors.

Combine it with an oversize sweater.

Because this is an outfit for Christmas red or green tops are perfect for the occasion.

But if you're looking for a more intrepid outfit you can also try to use tops in metallics colors.

When it comes to the accessories a necklace, like our bold lapizlasuli necklace or dramatic earrings are great for this look.

The best of this outfit is that with the accessories and the right shoes you can create a more relax or polished look.



Make a statement on metallic’s colors.

If you want to be bold and make a fashion statement, jeans in metallic color are the best option.

Silver or gold jeans are not the typical pair everyone will have in their closet and that is why is so perfect.

No one will look like you, If you know how to pull off this outfit you're going to be one of the best dressed at night.

Combine your denim with a simple top without patterns or prints.

You want to direct the attention to the jeans.

You can choose between having natural  or a smoky eye makeup.

Use a pair of stilettos or boots with heels.

Repeat the metallic color of your pants on the accessories to unify the outfit, like our statement Bollywood pendant.




Pick a color and use it with your entire outfit.

Is a very simple and elegant.

You can make it more interesting with an overside coat in a different color or with dramatic accessories, like our fantastic bold leather bracelets.

For the makeup,I suggest red lipstick and black eyeliner is all you need.

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