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Face covers and mask are here to stay.

blog outfit what to wear?

Is almost a year in New York City since life change for everyone.

Since COVID-19  hit our society been near someone else it's a hazard.

Mask and hand-saniticer have become part of our everyday life.

Is very common now to see the mask that comes in different colors and textures.



A mask brand that lately had to catch my eye is FashionMasks because of their color pallet a vivid pattern.

Also, there is a new line of accessories that had been developed for the mask like the mask necklace, that could give an extra sparkle to your outfit.

If you're like me, that don’t lose your head just because it's attached to your body. 

A mask necklace is something that you must have.

"The mask Necklace" is a brand that had created some lovely mask necklaces but the best thing is that they had to go further with this concept.

Their maks necklace can be also be used to hold your glasses or AirPods wish is a brilliant idea.





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